• 23.10.2019

At a tasting in the chocolate shop of the Haag family in the Landecker Maisengasse you can not only learn all sorts of interesting facts about the Tyrolean noble, but you are of course also tempted with sweets.

How did the Tyrolean nobility come about? What ingredients are the chocolates made of? What is it about the Tyrol gray cattle, whose milk and cream give the Tyrolean nobility their very special, unmistakable touch? Where does the cocoa come from? How is the couverture made? How is the filling in the chocolates? What is the difference between premium chocolates and everyday qualities?

All these questions about the TIROLER EDLE chocolates you can ask the chocolatiers Hansjörg and his son Christoph Haag on a visit “at the origin” of the Tyrolean nobility in Landeck and also convince on the spot that this chocolate is much more than sweet his.

Hansjörg Haag is a trained master confectioner who has acquired his in-depth knowledge of chocolate at the Swiss University of Applied Sciences Richemont in Lucerne. His son Christoph completed his apprenticeship as a cook, is a passionate gourmet and was initiated by his father into the art of chocolate making. Together they produce exquisite recipes, exquisite plates and chocolates and tinker with new creations. Hansjörg’s wife Petra, on the other hand, directs and organizes everything that has to do with orders, billing, logistics and packaging.

Information about tasting event

  • Location: Schoko-Laden, Maisengasse 19, 6500 Landeck, haag@tiroleredle.at , Tel. + 43 / (0) 5442/62328
  • Tasting for groups of 10 to 25 people ; for more than 25 people, the group is shared
  • € 7,50 per personregistration required!
  • Duration: approx. 30 to 45 minutes
  • There are films about gray cattle and a trip to the cocoa suppliers in Ghana; Information about the difference between premium chocolates and mass production; Tasting of four to five TIROLER EDLE chocolates